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Updated: Jan 11

Writing this book has been such an unexpected pleasure for me and I am so happy to release it out into the world. This is the story of my heart and my soul and when you connect with these characters, it means you see me and you get me and that is really all I ask for.

I never intended this story to be just about addiction. It's really a story about human connections, forgiveness, loyalty, friendship and above all else, love. Love is never perfect. To quote lyrics from Dermot Kennedy's song Moments Passed, 'She said: Oh, I know that love is all about the wind/

How it can hold me up and kill me in the end/Still I loved it. Love has a way of making you feel so light and free but also has the power to crush you and eve though you know this and experienced it, still you crave it, like a drug.

Jack is such a tragically flawed character and he falls down again, gets up, makes bad decisions and yet I love him all the more for that because that is what makes us human. We are all flawed in our own way and just like Jack, I wish we could all have friends who understand the nature of forgiveness and the strength it takes to be loyal.

I hope you enjoy Blood and Bone and these misfit loyal band of characters I've created. Please consider leaving a review wherever you purchase the book. It is extremely important for indie authors like me. I thank you from the bottom of my tragically flawed heart.

Much Love,

Paula D

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