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Updated: Jan 17

I am busy working on the sequel to Blood and Bone which focuses on Hayley O'Donnell, Jack's daughter from Blood and Bone. Cover reveal to happen later this year but here is a little placeholder to tide you over.

Hayley O'Donnell is the daughter of a rockstar and a model. She's beautiful and rich, her life should be perfect, but it's anything but. Now, on the verge of making it big for herself in the music industry, she must put her past behind and learn to trust what's in her heart. The only thing holding her back is whether she's good enough to move out of her father's shadow and into the spotlight of her own.

While Blood and Bone focused on protagonist Jack O'Donnell and his struggles with the rise of fame and the interrelationships of his band, Bound to Burn focuses on the fallout of Jack's choices in life and how they affected his daughter. If you've read Blood and Bone, you'll know that Jack made a lot of mistakes in life. Essentially he choose music over his family, selfish as that may seem, there were reasons behind those choices. Nothing is ever black and white and we cannot pretend to know how those choices will impact the future. Hindsight is 20/20, right? So we do the best we can and muddle through what life gives us.

In Blood and Bone, you may think Hayley is a bitch or a spoiled brat but most often when people lash out it's because there is deep hurt behind it and in a way we are trying to protect ourselves from being hurt more. Bound to Burn is about being able to let the past go, moving forward and trusting again. Hayley is a powerhouse, a force to reckoned with, a sexy protagonist that pushes the boundaries but there is so much vulnerability that she refuses to relinquish.

Lastly, fear not friends! There will be more of Jack and Erin with a splash of Cash, Wade and Amber. Also, what's a romance novel without a hot love interest for Hayley? Wait, did you say you wanted more rockstars? Ok, let me formally introduce you to brothers Finn and Sawyer who will prove to be quite the match for Hayley and her best friend Lexi.

Bound to Burn will be released on November 30, 2021 and is available for preorder on Apple, Amazon, Kobo, B&N and Smashwords for just $2.99.

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