Cover Reveal for Breath to Bear

Breath to Bear, book 2 in the Blood and Bone series has a title, a cover and a blurb!!! I was fortunate to purchase this photo from the talented Michelle Lancaster who continues to amaze me with her photography skills. I might admit that I am a bit obsessed with her photo's and I have book cover buying habit because of her.

Creating book covers for my stories is one of my favorite parts of the process. I get to put a face to the character I've spent so much time writing. Breath to Bear is the continuation of Blood and Bone, and finding the right image to capture the essence of Jack O'Donnell in this book needed to be right. From the moment I saw Giorgio Torelli, I knew he was the perfect Jack. I think it's important for the cover image to match your main character in both mood and physical characteristics. That's why I like black and white so much because these stories are gritty and raw. Black and white captures that mood perfectly.

I was also fortunate to work with such a talented cover designer, Lori Jackson, who is so in tune to the Romance market that she is able to give sound advice on color and font. She's a dream to work with and I love coming up with creative ways to use the image of Gio without losing the integrity of the photo.

The title of this book gave me more angst than the story did. When I wrote Blood and Bone, I didn't intend it to be a series so I didn't give much thought to the name or how I would keep within the same theme for future books. As I wrote the story, Jack's guilt was an overwhelming theme. He questions why he is still here when so many others are not able to be, one person in particular. It's almost as if every breath is his cross to bear. In order to express this profound feeling, Jack writes a song called Breath to Bear in the book and that's how I came up with the name. The reason it gave me such angst is because Breath vs Breathe and Bare vs Bear are confusing words in the English language. Bear is a homophone, one word that has two meanings. Bear is an animal as well as a burden. Bare means to expose something. So you see my conundrum.

You can find the blurb on any one of my retailer sites, Amazon, B&N, Apple, kobo and Smashwords. The book is also up for pre-order on those sites with a release date of 11/30/21. I am so excited to share this book with you because it delves deep into the evolution of Jack and Erin's love story. Although I do love to torture my characters and my readers, Jack deserves a happy ending, he just has to work for it.

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