I'm annoying my kids by being on TikTok

Initially, I was a voyeur on TikTok, watching other people provide laughter to my late night scrolling habits. What ca I say, I hopped on the bandwagon because my kids hate it. What kind of parent would I be if I don't take the opportunity to embarrass them. Really, it is a different way to connect with readers, other authors and the BookTok community. Not only am I an author but I am a reader too and the book community keeps me informed about what I should be reading next.

If you are on TikTok and want to watch me embarrass my kids, talk about books, share my love of making TikToks while waiting in line at Starbucks, come check me out at https://www.tiktok.com/@pauladombrowiak?lang=en and let's have fun together.

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