New Cover for Blood and Bone

Hey Readers! I'm super excited to announce that I have a new cover for Blood and Bone. It is no secret that Blood and Bone has been my little experiment. I wrote a book and decided to publish it not knowing as much as I thought I did about self publishing. There's more to it than just writing the book and hitting the publish button. I didn't know that then, but I sure do now!

I found that I could never put a face to Jack because he's such a complicated character that nothing seemed to fit. So the old cover was this intriguing image of the back of a rock star that seemed to have a story to tell. The image just wasn't hitting the mark for the romance genre and I needed to correct that. Marketing a book is a bit of a challenge, especially for new Indie Authors because we're not marketers, we're writers! Duh. It's a necessary evil if you want to actually sell books.

I came across this wildly talented photographer, Michelle Lancaster and I instantly fell in love with this image of hers and thought holy shit, this is Jack. It said this is a guy who has lived and loved hard. I knew I had to have it and contacted Michelle right away. Not only is Michelle talented, she is also generous and awesome to work with. She put me contact with a graphic designer, Lori Jackson, who is another extremely talent woman. The three of us worked together to create this new cover of Blood and Bone.

Lori is furiously working on the wrap for the paperback, so this cover isn't available at retailers yet but will be around March 8th. I am so excited to get this baby up on all platforms! I hope you love it as much as I do.

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