Signed Paperbacks!

I am waiting for Amazon to send my paperbacks with the new cover and they will be here around March 22nd. I set up a page on my website for you to purchase. I only ordered 25 copies so far because I didn't know how much interest there would be, so just in case they're a little more popular than I thought, grab yours today if you want one now. Amazon takes at least 3 weeks to ship them to me when I order author copies, so you might have to wait a bit if I run out.

Signed Paperbacks will be $12 plus $3 US Shipping. For my international book lovers, please contact me for shipping rates. I have a link to my email on the "Signed Paperbacks" page to make it easy for you.


Also, on the "Signed Paperbacks" page of my website, when you click on the 'Order' button, it will take you to a Google Form to be completed and I will bill you through PayPal. You can choose if you'd like the signature personalized, e.g. To Aunt Suzy, Happy Birthday and Keep Rockin', or maybe your favorite quote, To Paula, "Who ate my fucking yogurt!" Love, The Food Police, or maybe you're buying this for your significant other, To My Love, You are in me, on me and all around me. Any which way you choose to personalize, it will be signed by yours truly.

Just to entice you a little bit more, all signed paperbacks will come with surprise swag that I promise you will love!

As always, Much Love and Keep Rockin'!

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