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Check out my Age Gap and Reverse Age Gap Romances

A sexy, age gap, rockstar romance with a bit of a slow burn, a strong sassy heroine, a grumpy alpha hero, low angst and a happily ever after.


Love has a way of blazing through you like poison, leaving you breathless but still wanting more. 

On the way down it burns like whiskey, coats your throat like a love song, and enters your belly with the force of a hurricane.

I told myself never again.

I thought I had put those ghosts behind me, but some secrets don’t stay buried forever.

Fate has a way of forcing you to face them, and Sasha was the curveball I never saw coming.

I didn’t want to fall for her. 

In fact, I was determined not to, but she danced her way into my heart with her pink glittered Converse, and the sweet taste of peppermint.

She’s way too young, and chasing something I can’t give her, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting her.

If I give into how I feel, will we last the summer, or are we bound to burn?


Bound To Burn is the 4th book in the Blood & Bone series and although it can be read as a standalone, for the best reader experience, they are meant to be read in order. Start with Blood & Bone, book 1 which currently free at your favorite retailer.

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I own the boardroom. He owns the stage. We were never meant to be together, but when something's forbidden, it only makes you want it more.


My jaded heart was determined never to be fooled again. There’s too much at stake, and my daughter always comes first. 

And then one night, on the eve of my forty-third birthday, I walked into a bar, and locked eyes with Adrian Corvin. 

He’s a musician, covered in tattoos... and way too young. He's the opposite of everything I should want. 

When he followed me outside of the bar, not even the Arizona monsoon could keep me from kissing him.

With just one taste, I was an addict. 

It was only supposed to be one night. 

No names, no expectations, and no truths.

Only lies.

And he tells beautiful lies.

Beautiful Lies is a Standalone Reverse Age Gap, Forbidden, Opposites Attract, One Night Stand Turn into More, Steamy Romance.

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