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Bonus Material

After the Interview Cover.png

Blood & Bone Bonus Material (Blood & Bone series book 1)
After the Interview

Want to know what happened after Erin left L.A. to return back to New York? Now you get a little sneak peek at how Erin became Jack's ghost writer.

Breath to Bear Bonus Material (Blood & Bone series book 2)
Jack & Erin's Wedding

All your favorite characters are back for wedding shenanigan's and swoon worthy moments.

Jack & Erin's Wedding Cover.jpg
Cash & Sasha's Wedding Cover.jpg

Bound to Burn Bonus Material (Blood & Bone Series book 4)
Cash & Sasha's Wedding

All your favorite characters are back for swoon worthy moments as Cash & Sasha get married.

Beautiful Lies Bonus Material (Standalone)
The Intern


With Lake Kennedy’s unexpected departure from Zentech, no one expected Waterman’s former CFO to take her place. Grant Weatherly is devastatingly handsome, perfection in a suit, but unyieldingly tough. Will Wyatt Bloom melt this CFO’s glacial heart? 

An office romance may not be a great idea for your career, but staying away from the enigmatic new boss proves very hard to do indeed.

The Intern Book Cover.jpg

Books by Paula Dombrowiak

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