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These are some of the courses and tools I personally use as an author and highly recommend. Everyone's author career and experience is different but these have personally worked for me and my goals. The below contain some affiliate links and I may earn commissions on purchases which helps sustain my author career but in no way is a conflict on how I feel about using these products.

Kate Hall's TikTok for Authors Course

KATE HALL'S TikTok for Authors Course has been a GAME CHANGER for me. I was stuck trying to figure out what works and how to generate sales and Kate gave me the tools to do just that. I took the course in December, then started putting things into motion in January. I ended up DOUBLING MY SALES for the one book that I was marketing on TikTok.

Blurb's by Bel

Anyone else hate writing blurbs??? That was me until I found Belinda who takes that pressure off to write the perfect blurb. She is thorough, professional and prompt. She'll work with you until you're satisfied with the results. There are certain things I leave to the experts; Cover design, editing, and blurb writing. Highly recommend Blurbs by Belinda.

Vellum - Book Formatting Program

I use Vellum to format my own eBooks and Paperbacks which has been unquestionably the smartest purchase I ever made. Having control over changing back matter whenever I need is a must have for any author. I have created beautiful interiors for my books and it was easy to learn how to use.

Please note: Vellum can only be used with a Mac.

Elevenlabs - AI Voice (Audiobook Creation)

I have used Elevenlabs to create AI generated audiobooks and found the program to be easy to use with a variety of voices to choose from. The program is subscription based and incredibly economical, allowing  you to cancel your subscription once you have finished creating your audiobook. It's a great inexpensive way to provide audiobooks to readers.

Lori Jackson Design

Lori is not only talented but she's also wonderful to work with to design the perfect cover for your book. I was lucky enough to find Lori early in my publishing career and she has designed ALL of my book covers. People really do judge a book by it's cover and that is one thing you should leave up to the experts. Highly recommend Lori.

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