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Breath To Bear


She’s my redemption. My second chance. If my past doesn’t destroy me first… 



I bared my soul to Erin so the world could know my story. 

In the process, she became my everything. And now the brutally honest memoir she helped write is a bestseller.

But the demons it was supposed to silence are louder than ever because now every interview question is a painful reminder of the woman I once loved and lost.

And if I don’t find a way to let go of my past, to surrender my guilt, I’m going to lose Erin, too. 



Everyone loves Jack’s unapologetically raw and exquisitely beautiful story. 

I’m the only one who knows that he’s still broken. 

That’s why he’s in the studio making music with ghosts instead of here with me.

There’s something visceral and dangerous in his gaze when he looks at me, but it’s not enough. Not when I’ve spent my entire life being put second.

And while I want him to be mine, he’s still someone else’s.

Jack has the power to break me. But only if I let him… 



Breath To Bear is the second book in the Blood & Bone series and is NOT a standalone. The books must be read in order for the best reader experience.


Jack & Erin’s story is for readers who love steamy, emotional rockstar romances, with a touch of humor, a whole lotta angst, and a happily ever after.


Content Warning: This book contains some sensitive subjects about loss and drug use so please take care while reading.

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