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Kingmaker Trilogy


March 12, 2024

From across the room in a dimly lit Vegas bar, I watched as a desperate man tried to drown himself in expensive whiskey. 


With a heavy heart I listened while he quoted Emerson on top of a table as if he were the king of nothing. 


Maybe I’d taken my curiosity too far, stepping into his life under false pretenses. I thought maybe I would find something I’d been missing - someone I’d been missing, but I already know I’m going to be disappointed.


When he offered me a million dollars to marry him, I should have walked away, but he left me with no choice but to accept. 


Built on damaging secrets and deep rooted spite, this marriage of convenience will be the ruin of us both.


My name is Evangeline Bowen, and I was an escort to the rich and powerful but now… I’m the wife of a Senator’s son.


June 11, 2024

I could never compare to my father, the enigmatic U.S. Senator from Virginia - his feet were too large and shadow too long for anyone to notice me - That was unless my indiscretions involved my name being in the papers.


When my parents died in a tragic accident, I was left with nothing. My adversary, the man my father called The Kingmaker, was in charge of my parents estate until I was thirty years old or married. 


Because I couldn’t speed up time, I did the only thing I could to take back what’s rightfully mine. She was supposed to be the answer to all my problems but I should have known I couldn’t outrun fate.


As this marriage of convenience runs out of time, will she prove to be a political asset or the queen of my ruin?


My name is Darren Walker, and I’m known as the degenerate son of a U.S. Senator, but now it’s my turn, and I’m ready to step out of my father’s shadow.


September 10, 2024

She was an escort to the rich and powerful. I was the degenerate son of a U.S. Senator. 


This is the state of our union.

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