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One interview. Two days. A lifetime of bad decisions…


Twenty-five years of rock ‘n’ roll hasn’t softened Jack O’Donnell’s brilliant blue eyes or his rockstar attitude. 

Or his unfathomable pain.

His whole life has been a toxic cycle of self-destruction and addiction, with a few gold records thrown in.

And he has no intention of sharing his heart-wrenching story with anyone.

Until the petite, doe-eyed reporter turns up on his doorstep on the anniversary of his biggest regret, just moments before his ex-wife is found unconscious in his bathroom…


Seasoned journalist Erin Langford knows the facts about Jack. 

His band’s stratospheric rise to fame in the 90s. His marriage and divorce to his high school girlfriend, who he shares a grown daughter with.

The songs he co-wrote with former bandmate Mia Stone, whose marriage to the bass player destroyed a lifelong friendship and the band.   

Erin also knows the headlines don’t tell the complete story.

But it’s not only the unanswered questions that leave Erin unable to walk away and in much too deep.

It’s the man himself… 


Blood & Bone is the first novel in the Blood & Bone series which must be read in order for the best reader experience. If you enjoy angst-fueled romance, dangerously addictive love triangles, and second chances, don’t miss this steamy, intensely emotional slow burn rockstar romance.


*Dear Reader, This book does contain sensitive subjects such as drug use and loss. Please take care while reading.




These chains that weigh me down, my guilt I wear like a crown, SHE is my Breath to Bear

Jack O’Donnell
I thought telling my story would purge my demons, but it didn’t. If anything, it brought them closer to the surface.
Now, they’re threatening to drag me back into the darkness and stop me from moving on with the journalist who captured my story and my heart.
The guilt I bear is heavy, the road I’ve traveled long and littered with scars that run deep.
I’ve been down this road before, in love with two women at the same time.
It didn’t end well.
Erin’s running scared - for good reason - but I won’t let her get away that easy.
Am I strong enough to get rid of the ghosts from my past in order to have a future with Erin?

Erin Langford
Journalists are supposed to be objective, to look at a story as if you’re outside a window looking in.
That’s what I was taught.
That’s what I should have done.
Instead, I fell through the glass and right into Jack O’Donnell’s bed.
The memoire I was supposed to write turned into more than I bargained for.
I’m in too deep.
So far gone.
He’s like a bad drug, making his way through my veins, and stopping my heart.
Yet, I still want more.
There’s just one problem - he’s still in love with someone else. She’s the ghost in the room, the girl that ruined him for all others.
Am I strong enough to be the one to help him heal?

Dear Reader, This book contains explicit sex and some sensitive subjects about loss and drug use. This book is NOT a standalone and you will need to read Blood & Bone, book 1, first. Please take care while reading

To have and to hold from this day forward - to love and to cherish, till death do us part - and these are the bonds we break.

My name is Mia Stone. You may know how my story ends, but the truth is buried between the headlines. A secret that was meant to be taken to the grave – Until now.

I promised myself to one man, while still in love with another. I came between two best friends and by betraying one, I lost everything.

In the end, we both knew, those bonds were always meant to be broken.

These men want to own me, possess me, or hold me down, but I was never meant to be tamed.

I have been told that I am a force of nature, but even a hurricane comes to an end.

Dear Reader: This is NOT a standalone book. This is a sexy, emotional, love triangle, second chance, female rock star romance that deals with a marriage in crisis, with great m/m romance supporting characters. If you have read Blood & Bone then you know how Mia's story ends. If you require a happy ending, this book may not be for you. You can choose to skip this book and read Bound To Burn. If you choose to read Bonds We Break, know that this book contains sensitive subjects, such as miscarriage and drug use, so please read with care.

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