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Wide Vs Kindle Unlimited

Where you can find my books

My books are available on multiple platforms, therefore, they don't qualify to be in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited (KU) program because of their exclusivity clause. Although, I'm not in KU, there are a variety of places that you can read my books for 'free'.

Kobo Plus:

Kobo Plus works much the same way KU does where you pay a small fee monthly to read a variety of books that are enrolled in the program. If an authors book is not available in KU, chances are it will be available on Kobo Plus. 

Right now Kobo Plus is available in the following countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, France, Netherlands) but they are working on adding new one's. So, if Kobo Plus is not available in your country, check back frequently.


My books are available to libraries. You can borrow my books from your local library and if they don't have it available, you can request that they stock it. I can't guarantee that every library will be able to stock my eBook, because all libraries have different budgets but it is a great option to read for free. Some library apps you can use are Hoopla and Libby.


My books are available on Scribd, which works the same way as Kobo Plus and KU. You pay a monthly fee and have access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks and Audiobooks. This service is available in most countries, including the United States.

Free Books:

I have made my first book in the series, Blood & Bone, FREE on all platforms, for you to read. This is my gift to you, so that you can check me out and make sure you like me before making an investment.

Books by Paula Dombrowiak

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